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The Relief Chiropractic Lower Back & Hip home physiotherapy kit gives you everything you need to treat your sore lower back at home.  Our home rehabilitation kit includes all the equipment and you need, custom physiotherapy exercises, outcome measures, consultation and advice from our professional physiotherapists.

A typical program at a physiotherapy clinic would consist of various stretches and exercises, along with gentle mobilization techniques from our physiotherapists to help improve mobility, decrease muscle tightness, improve coordination, increase strength and reduce your pain.

Our physiotherapists have come up with a home rehabilitation physical therapy kit so you can do your treatment in the comfort of your own home.  

With this rehabilitation home kit, you can avoid crowded areas, avoid using exercise equipment and electrotherapy devices that others have previously used. Do your entire treatment program in the comfort of your own home.

This is not meant as a substitute for physiotherapy at the clinic, but as a supplementary program, or for patients who do not have access to a physiotherapy clinic.


If you have tightness in your lower back which maybe accompanied by pain, spasms, and cramping by your health care professional, this program is for you. 


This kit includes:

  • 1 Shoulder Posture Supporter - PhysioFit Lumbosacral Support - Improve body alignment and posture, reduce stress and pain on tight muscles

  • 1 Standard ice/heat pack - R&R Dura Soft Ice Pack - Therapy Wrap - Reduce inflammation, pain, increase pliability

  • 1 Incremental exercise band - Coreblue Excercise Band - increase the coordination and strength

  • 1 Spiky Massage Ball - Massage the tight muscles in the back of your body.

  • 1 Large Exercise Ball - Helps correct and improve your posture

  • 1 Long Foam Roller - Help relieve muscle tightness, soreness, and inflammation, and increase your joint range of motion

  • 1 Stretch Board- Provides aid in muscle stretching, improve flexibility and helps improve body injury

  • Customised Lower Back Exercises designed by our physiotherapists with instructions for stages of recovery (via private video consultation).

  • Lower Back specific questionnaires to help determine progression of recovery, what is working and what is not (via private video consultation).

  • Instructions on how to use various items and some physiotherapy advice to help with recovery. We set you up with a typical program to do at home and in what order (via private video consultation).

FREE ONLINE Physiotherapy Consult:

  • 2 private video consultation (35 minutes each) with our Physiotherapist - Discuss and go over your issues and setup a customized exercise and treatment regimen to go along with this kit.

** Both video consultations must be utilised within two (2) months of purchase**  

ADD-ON VALUE treatments:

  • 1 SUPER VALUE add-on Chiropractic + Physiotherapy treatment can be purchased at a discounted price of RM100 (RM190 normal price), for each purchase of these kits.   Applicable for new patients only. 

  • 1 SUPER VALUE add-on Shockwave Therapy can be purchased at a discounted price of RM40 (RM80 normal price), for each purchase of these kits. Applicable for new patients only.

** Add-on value can be purchased within one (1) month after the purchase of the this Kit and must be utilised within one (1) month after making the add-on purchase  **  

DELIVERY options:

1) Self pick up from the clinic 

2) Arrange for pickup via Lalamove / Mr. Speedy / Grab Express (Klang Valley)

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