Dr. Kaye is an expert in postural correction and pain relief.

Just like many of her patients, Dr. Kaye used to suffer from chronic neck and backaches from being sedentary. With her knowledge on the biomechanics of the human body, she had since adopted a more balanced lifestyle by getting regular adjustments, physiotherapy treatments and exercising regularly. Now even with a hectic schedule of treating patients she hardly gets back problems anymore.


Her previous experience from working in Melbourne, Australia has helped sharpen her skills and technique in Chiropractic. Her patients always report feeling reassured and calm after their session with Dr. Kaye. Her sessions are a combination of therapeutic and fun. Her friendly personality has helped her communicate with younger patients well.

She leads the team at Relief Chiropractic to help build a healthier community.

Dr. Cheong Pik Kaye | Chiropractor

BHSc, MClinChiro (RMIT Australia)

Dr. Lee Wing Foong | Chiropractor

BSc (Hons) Chiropractic, (IMU Malaysia)

Dr. Wing is passionate about holistic wellness care and helping patients get out of physical care is only the beginning. He is particularly interested in improving lifestyle habits such as proper diet and nutritional habits to complement his adjustments.


His time working in IMU and a full-fledged chiropractic center has trained him to effectively manage conditions ranging from common postural cases to more complex conditions such as slipped disc, arthritis, nerve pain and more. His most rewarding experience in chiropractic treatment has been personally managing his grandmother’s chronic back pain due to scoliosis (curved spine).

Dr. Wing joins Team Relief in hopes of providing easy and natural solutions to a wide range of spinal related conditions such as scoliosis, postural pain, back and neck sprain or strain and more. 

Tengku Noorzakieah Tengku Zakaria  | Physiotherapist

Zakieah is a certified Physiotherapist who had graduated with honours in Bachelor of Physiotherapy from UiTM Selangor, Kampus Puncak Alam.

Her time treating patient in the government hospital has helped expand her knowledge and refined her manual and rehabilitation skills to help patient reduce painful symptoms and improve their quality of life. Some of her favourite conditions to treat are neck/shoulder pain, scoliosis, and lower back pain. 

Zakieah's goal is to be able to heal people who had been through pain and traumatic injury through holistic Physiotherapy. Many of her patients love working hand in hand with her in achieving their health goals as she is a good listener, observant and professional. 


BSc (HONS), UiTM Malaysia

Jesse Hannah | Physiotherapist

DIP, Sime Darby Malaysia

Jesse joins the clinic as a certified Physiotherapist with prior clinical experience working in Malaysia and India. Her time helping patients and assisting doctors from the hospitals has expanded her knowledge in diagnosing and treating a wide range of spinal and health conditions.  

Jesse loves incorporating Kinesio-taping into her treatment to correct postures, assist athletes in their sports activities or post-injury care. She also does TENS therapy to help with pain relief. This combination of treatment has been very efficient and comfortable for our patients as they go through their journey of pain relief and overall wellness maintenance.

She enjoys being active with running and dancing. Her cheerful and friendly personality has brought joy to her patients. 

Japdip Singh | Physiotherapist

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (HONS), Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia

Jap joins the team as a certified physiotherapist who has been in the field for more than 5 years. His passion in helping others and curiosity about human movement inspired him to pursue Physiotherapy, the most versatile health science profession to him.

His favorite part of his job is to see his patients moving freely and going about their daily routine independently with ease. His favourite cases to treat are sports injuries, musculoskeletal conditions such as neck and back pain especially scoliosis cases.

You can find Jap working out or enjoying his favourite vegan meals when he is not teaching and helping patients how to use their body optimally.

Rohayu binti Kamarlis | Clinic Assistant

The first friendly face that you see once you enter our clinic will be Ayu's. You can find her helping Dr. Kaye, Jesse and Zakieah in assisting with treatment and helping patients feel better in the clinic. 

Whether in person or over the phone, Ayu makes sure the clinic is running smoothly and our patients are getting the best care they can get. Her caring and warm personality has helped patients feel at home and reassured especially during stressful times with they are suffering with a lot of pain and discomfort. She is your go to person for appointments, enquiries, products details and all things clinic related. 

Ayu loves spending her free time with her family. She loves experimenting with cooking and trying out new recipes for her family including her 2 little ones. 


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