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Jie Yin is a chiropractor who completed her education at the International Medical University (IMU) in Malaysia. Throughout her life, she endured persistent neck pain due to poor posture habits that had plagued her since childhood. Her condition significantly improved after seeking chiropractic treatment and incorporating yoga into her routine. Consequently, this personal experience has deepened her empathy for patients, allowing her to better understand their perspectives and emotions regarding the importance of maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle.


She firmly believes that chiropractic care can not only alleviate pain but also proactively prevent the body from deteriorating further. Her sense of fulfillment stems from the positive feedback she receives when her patients experience improved health after treatment, moving closer to regaining their normal, healthy lives. The happiness and relief expressed by her patients serve as a powerful motivator, fueling her passion for her profession as she witnesses firsthand the positive impact it has on people who have suffered.

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