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What do Chiropractors "adjust"?

Now that you have an idea behind the principle of Chiropractic and how treating the body naturally allow the body to regulate itself, it is time to understand how Chiropractic adjustments fit into this picture of minimalistic wellness. 

Chiropractic adjustments correct "subluxations".

Spine-health describes "Subluxations" as a term used by Chiropractors to differentiate an altered positioned vertebra to a well positioned vertebra. This altered positioned vertebra would then experience irritation, inflammation and subsequent functional loss, and this is the part of the spine where Chiropractors will manipulate in order to reduce inflammation, restore movement and to allow the body to regulate itself. 

"How can my spine be crooked? I don't even have pain."

There are a few ways we might have been silently collecting "Subluxations" in our body.  Most of the time it is due to uneven pressure placed on the spine and body either temporarily or over time due to:

1. Unlevelled shoulders and/or hips

Handbags, sitting on wallet, sitting cross legged, repetitive occupational / sporting injuries. 

2. Poor postural or sleeping habits

Pillow too high or too low, old mattress, tummy sleepers, sleeping with arms above head. 

3. Pre-existing spinal conditions

Born or grew up with a curved spine, prominent hump in neck or back, various types of arthritis

4. Others

Overweight, improper shoes, sedentary lifestyle, over exercising

Pain is the last symptom of dysfunction. If you think you fit into one or more of the categories mentioned above, it is time to get your spine checked. 

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