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Why Chiropractic ?

1. Chiropractic treats more than just spine conditions and chiropractors are more than just your spine doctor.

We are more concerned about your nervous system and the spine acts as a medium for us to communicate with it. Chiropractic treatments are based on removing disruptions in the nervous system so that the body can heal itself. This also means that we do not only take care of your spine, but wherever in your body that the nervous system covers. 

2. Pain in the last symptom of dysfunction.

Picture an iceberg. What you can see is the tip, but what you can’t see which is the bigger part of it is under the water. Pain is only the tip of the iceberg, and Chiropractic explore the root of your health problems, looking at the entire iceberg. Absence of pain does not mean you’re healthy. That’s why we urge our patients not to be driven by pain to decide whether or not to continue with Chiropractic treatment.

3. We help manage, not fix.

A lot of patients come in with pain and expects chiropractic treatments to get rid of their problem. This is a common misunderstanding as our role is like a coach to athletes. Top athletes in the world do not stop when they are on top, they work with their coach consistently to stay on top. We manage your health issues and coach you to better manage your life and achieve your health goals.

4. We don’t prescribe medications.

We are strong advocates of drug-free therapies unless absolutely necessary. We are more interested in investigating the root of your health problems instead of suppressing the symptoms. However, we do recommend natural pain relief using supplements or anti-inflammatory plants or herbs who has proven to be as effective as pharmaceutical medications.

5. It’s not all about the "crack".

Though manual adjustments can be addictive to some due to the release of endorphins, chiropractic adjustment is not all about the crack. I have a special interest in low force techniques that are just as effective as manual adjusting. There is a wide range of technique that I use in practice that could assist us in removing interference in the nervous system as well.

Our patients understand that Chiropractic provides many health benefits but it doesn't guarantee them, just like every other health treatment or therapies. 

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