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Why we need to address our stress today

Our body is designed to experience stress on a daily basis. Short-term stress stimulates different parts of our body to produce reactions that promotes recovery and growth.

What happens when we suffer from long-term stress?

Long-term low intensity stress forces our mind and body to focus on surviving a stressful situation rather than to recover or rep

air damaged tissues. Numerous studies have shown long-term daily stress to be linked to high blood pressure, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and more.

Why are we so quick to swallow tablets to "fix" our health when we have yet to learn how to properly manage our daily stress?

If you are often stressed out by work, family or personal agendas, you probably already notice tension around your head and neck and often times in your back as well. These symptoms are only the tip of the ice berg to a series of dysfunctions in your spine and should definitely not be overlooked.

Chiropractic adjustments do not only aim towards relieving physical pain. As a team of holistic therapists, we love incorporating stress management as part of our treatment plan.

No amount of pills or exercise can help with your physical and mental stress without side effects. Learn how to manage your stress by first taking care of your body and it will reward you in the most natural and healthy way.

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